Modular Curve Conveyor System

Modular Curve Conveyor System Manufacturer

Omtech Food Engineering is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Modular Curve Conveyor System. The system is designed to provide an efficient solution for the transportation of products in curved paths. It is ideal for applications where the product needs to be transported around corners or in a circular path.

The Modular Curve Conveyor System is made up of a series of modules that can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for flexibility in the conveyor system design. The system is designed to handle a wide range of products, from lightweight to heavy-duty applications. The curve conveyor system is perfect for food processing industries, pharmaceuticals, and other applications where hygiene and cleanliness are crucial.

The system is easy to install and maintain and comes with a range of customizable options such as different belt materials, widths, and speed. The modular design of the system makes it easy to expand or modify the system as per the changing needs of the production line. It is also designed to reduce product damage and can handle delicate products with ease.

Omtech Food Engineering ensures that the Modular Curve Conveyor System is built to the highest quality standards, using only the best materials and components. The system is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements of the food processing industry.


90 Degree Transfer in short Space.


For short space application

Material Handling Capacity

Maximum 200 kg

Brand Name

Omtech Food Engineering

Country of Origin


Belt Material



Customized as per Application


Gray Colour


SS 304, MS Powder Coating

Operating Speed

22 Mtrs/Mini.



Side Guard

25mm to 102mm as per system application



Belt Drive

Belt Drive by Sprocket in 40mm solid Sq. Shaft

Belt Conveyor

Cleated Belt, Scoop Belt, Flat Belt


Hygienic, Easy to Clean, Fast Installation, Simple Maintenance

Domestic Market Supply

All India.

International Market Supply


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