Carton Palletizing System

Carton Palletizing System Manufacturer

Omtech Food Engineering is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of carton palletizing systems. These systems are designed to automate the process of stacking and palletizing cartons in an efficient and precise manner.

The carton palletizing system consists of a conveyor system, robotic arm, and palletizing unit. The conveyor system is used to transport the cartons from the production line to the palletizing unit. The robotic arm picks up the cartons and stacks them on the pallet in a pre-determined pattern.

The carton palletizing system is designed to handle different types of cartons, including those made from cardboard, plastic, and other materials. The system is also customizable to meet the specific needs of the client's production line, such as the number of cartons to be stacked, pallet size, and stacking pattern.

The benefits of using a carton palletizing system include increased productivity, reduced labor costs, improved safety, and higher efficiency. With the ability to handle large volumes of cartons, the system can significantly reduce the time and effort required to palletize cartons manually.

Omtech Food Engineering is committed to providing high-quality carton palletizing systems that meet the needs of clients in the food industry. With our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing conveyor systems and automation equipment, Omtech Food Engineering is a reliable partner for companies looking to improve their production processes.

Carton Palletizing System Manufacturer


Carton Palletizing



Material Handling Capacity

As per Customize

Brand Name

Omtech Food Engg.

Country of Origin


Roller Material

SS 304, Ms Zn Coated Motorized


As per Customize


SS 304, MS Zn Coated.


SS 304, MS Coated.

Operating Speed

As per Customize.

Side Guard

As per Customize


Hygienic, Easy to Clean, Fast Installation, Simple Maintenance

Domestic Market Supply

All India

International Market Supply


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