Conveyor Solutions for the Marine Industry


Conveyors are an essential component of the marine industry. From loading and unloading cargo to moving passengers and crew members, conveyor systems play a crucial role in the smooth operation of ships and ports. Omtech Food Engineering offers a range of conveyor solutions specifically designed for the marine industry.

Cargo Handling

Omtech Food Engineering provides conveyor systems that are ideal for the loading and unloading of cargo. Our conveyors can handle a variety of goods, including containers, pallets, and bulk cargo. Our systems are designed to be efficient and reliable, ensuring that cargo is moved quickly and safely.

Passenger Boarding

In addition to cargo handling, Omtech Food Engineering offers conveyor solutions for passenger boarding. Our conveyors can be used to move passengers and their luggage between the ship and the dock. We also offer conveyors for the safe and efficient movement of passengers on board the ship.

Conveyor Belt Systems for Marine Industry

Port Automation

Omtech Food Engineering provides conveyor systems for port automation. Our systems can be used to automate the loading and unloading of cargo, reducing the need for manual labor. We also offer conveyor systems for the automated movement of containers within the port.

Maintenance and Support

At Omtech Food Engineering, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in the marine industry. That's why we offer maintenance and support services for all of our conveyor systems. Our team of experts can help with everything from installation to repairs, ensuring that your conveyor system is always operating at peak performance.

If you're in the marine industry and looking for reliable conveyor solutions, look no further than Omtech Food Engineering. Our conveyor systems are designed to be efficient, reliable, and safe, making them theperfect choice for any marine application. Contact us today to learn more about our conveyor solutions.

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